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Ι. «"Three Ecologies" in the marsh of Agia: an "ecological" park in Patras".
Diploma Thesis at the School of Architectural Engineering E.M.P. (2009)

Based on the approach of the philosopher-psychoanalyst F. Guattari in the book "The Three Ecologies", where the concept of "ecosophia" is described as an ethical-aesthetic synergistic between Environmental, Social and Mental Ecology, the paper proposes the formation of an "ecosophical" park in marsh of Agia, as part of a wider urban planning intervention that aims to transform the Patras waterfront into a single linear park (transportation supported by TRAM, bicycle path and sea means of transportation).

In this direction, the placement of four interdependent functional units in the wider area of ​​the marsh is proposed: three that are mainly addressed to one of the aforementioned dimensions of ecology, as well as a fourth that attempts to synthesize them. In addition to the basic functions, the modules are interwoven into a "script" for an educational-entertainment Search-Exploration-Adventure Game (performed through the dynamic plot of open-ended combination puzzles), capable of unfolding alongside the other functions of the park and expanding throughout the city, with the aim of mobilizing the active participation-involvement of residents-visitors, but also the consolidation and strengthening of the park's functional, symbolic and ultimately political cultural significance.
In particular, two basic categories of interventions are proposed:
A) Restoration and re-operation of existing (obsolete) building stock
1) Facilities of the former Swimming Pool of Patras: construction of a waste separation and treatment unit.
2) E.O.T. facilities: configuration of temporary or permanent living space for immigrant communities (who could be absorbed into the park).
B) Architectural Design
- Energy Production Factory from Renewable Sources (sun, wind, sea, geothermal),
- "Musical Instrument", capable of producing wind/percussive/nocturnal sounds-notes through interaction, either with the users or with the environmental-climatic elements (sun, wind, waves, temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.),
- Sundial-Calendar (which will produce the shadow of the top of the triangle as it falls on the seats of the theater during the movement of the sun at the specific geographical point),
- Place-Field of Conduct (and completion) of the Game
- a potential "Floating Utopia for Eco-Migrants"